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Thursday April 20, 2017!
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The EYH Teen STEM Café is a program for young women in grades 10-12. This hands-on program provides an opportunity to learn about STEM careers, tools for succeeding in a career, and an opportunity to meet and socialize with peers.

Our upcoming workshop details are below – we hope you join us!

Exploring Cellular Respiration with Yoga
Helena Mezgova

Cells are the fundamental units of life - the bricks from which all your tissues and organs are made. They are the smallest components considered to be living organisms in your body. Your cells constantly communicate with each other, responding to your environment and to the signals they receive from what you touch and how you move. If your cells cannot operate efficiently, this may increase your chance of health problems and disease. Through keeping your cells well nourished, you are keeping yourself healthy! In this workshop we will examine the cell, the processes that occur within a cellular environment, and how the mindful practice of yoga promotes cell health while creating homeostasis (balance) in your body. We will introduce basic poses and mindfulness techniques that will be of value in everyday occurrences. Good health yields a positive mindset that translates upon the rest of our actions, all of which create a positive impact in our world!

Thursday, April 20th 2017
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Location: Linda Vista Teen Center, 2230 East Jewett Street
San Diego, CA 92111

Food and drink provided!

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If you have questions, email us at teenSTEMCafe@eyhsandiego.org

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This program for young women in grades 10 – 12 is organized by teens, for teens, and capitalizes upon the rich EYH network of STEM working professionals. During the school year, students meet monthly at the Linda Vista Boys & Girls Club where a STEM professional discusses her background, education and career, and leads participants through a hands-on STEM activity. Our EYH Teen STEM Café is part of a proven network of programs funded by a National Science Foundation grant to engage students in STEM topics prior to their start in college. The EYH Teen STEM Café will be held once a month and will consist of a spring and fall session. The program is meant to be social so food is provided at each event, and will consist of appetizers and snacks. After a brief social, the workshop presenter introduces themselves and their work and subsequently engages in a hands-on component.

Monthly Meetups on Thurs, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Tentative Dates: Thurs. 4/20; Thurs. 5/25